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At Anew, we are passionate about delivering meaningful, measurable climate impact in a decarbonizing economy. Inspired by our values of integrity, trust, creativity, and hope, and grounded by decades of experience and unsurpassed knowledge in environmental markets, we make it possible for organizations and communities to thrive while building a sustainable future.

We’re seeking high-energy, creative team players eager to apply their talents to the defining challenge of our time.  If you’re committed to excellence and excited by the prospect of doing well by doing good, we look forward to hearing from you.

General Summary: Anew seeks a Manager of Forest Carbon Modeling to play a role in the Anew forest carbon modeling team and support project implementation efforts in the forest carbon space. The successful candidate will have a unique mix of technical and practical skills, is a fast learner, and is passionate about the forest carbon space.  Day-to-day responsibilities will cover a broad spectrum of activities ranging from developing silvicultural prescriptions, optimizing project baseline harvest schedules, or participating in field verifications, to articulating project quantification methods for verifiers. The ideal candidate will be comfortable spending most of their time in the office but will enjoy occasional opportunities to work in the woods. This is an excellent opportunity for a technically skilled forestry professional seeking a dynamic position in the center of the forest carbon market.  

Primary Responsibilities and Competencies*  

  • Support forest carbon modeling efforts for both voluntary and compliance offset projects 
  • Collaborate with technical team to balance multiple projects while meeting strict timelines 
  • Modify and improve modeling processes using various tools (e.g., R, SQL, ArcGIS, Excel, VBA) 
  • Prepare inventory and other data needed to model voluntary and compliance forest offset projects 
  • Conduct silvicultural research and conduct interviews with local experts across project regions
  • Develop project and baseline harvest prescriptions while optimizing credit generation
  • Perform statistical analyses and database management of forest inventories
  • Draft carbon project documentation
  • Manage and edit spatial files for projects
  • Respond to verifier, registry, and/or CA ARB findings/questions
  • Compare financial returns of various forest management strategies
  • Prepare written project documents for verifiers, managers, and clients
  • Less than 10% travel is required, primarily to team events and/or conferences 

Required Education, Experience and Certification:  

  • Master’s or PhD degree in forestry or environmental science 
  • Advanced proficiency using Microsoft Excel, database manipulation programs, and spatial data manipulation  
  • Experience in forest biometrics and statistical analysis  
  • Ability to develop scripts in R, perform basic debugging, and a identify/streamline/automate processes
  • Experience in application of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) programs (e.g., ArcGIS software)
  • Experience using at least one peer-reviewed forest growth simulation tool that applies to at least one North American forest type (e.g., Forest Vegetation Simulator, OSM)
  • Experience with forest inventories, forest management plans, and timber harvest plans 
  • Experience cleaning and wrangling data, identifying issues, and troubleshooting data
  • Experience communicating in a team environment 

Preferred Education, Qualifications & Experience:  

  • PhD degree in forestry or forest sciences 
  • >2 years of experience in a forestry-related occupation 
  • Experience working in a variety of North American forest types 
  • Proven ability to develop advanced scripts in R for data analysis and data manipulation
  • Advanced knowledge of forest biometrics 
  • Advanced knowledge of at least one growth and yield model
  • Advanced proficiency using Microsoft Excel, databases, and ArcGIS 
  • Experience in the application of remote sensing for forestry
  • Experience in linear programming and optimization, in the context of harvest scheduling
  • Familiarity with voluntary/compliance forest carbon protocols in North America
  • Experience developing and/or implementing forest management plans and/or harvest plan design 
  • Experience using databases, including experience using SQL (Structured Query Language) to query databases, analyze data, and create reports
  • Experience working with version control software in a team environment (e.g., Github)
  • Strong interest in climate change and environmental issues 


  • Advanced experience with coding and debugging in at least one programming language; R is preferred 
  • Advanced Excel Skills 
  • Experience using and querying databases is preferred 
  • Experience cleaning and wrangling data
  • Experience using forest management plans and/or harvest plan design 
  • Experience using and calibrating growth and yield models to model forest growth
  • Experience in ArcGIS mapping and analysis
  • Familiarity with GitHub in a team environment
  • Skilled in statistical analyses
  • Experience working and communicating in a team environment
  • Highly self-motivated 

Equal Employment

Anew is committed to providing equal employment opportunities. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, age, or criminal conviction for which a pardon has been granted, or any other protected category under federal, state, provincial and local laws governing workplace discrimination.  

Anew is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace in which all employees have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business and are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives.

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