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Anew Climate and Quinte Conservation Announce Issuance of First Canadian ACR Credits

Published on March 7, 2024 | Calgary, Alberta and Belleville, Ontario

Anew Climate, LLC and Quinte Conservation announce the issuance of the first ever forest carbon credits by ACR Improved Forest Management (IFM) on Canadian Forestlands methodology. This forest-carbon project (ACR680) covers more than 10,000 hectares of mixed hardwood forestland in southern Ontario.

“For the past 75 years, Quinte Conservation has protected and conserved land across the region to ensure environmental benefits to our residents. The forethought of past leaders at Quinte Conservation to purchase land to reduce the impacts of flooding, drought and soil loss has led us to this important opportunity. Our partnership with Anew will allow Quinte Conservation to continue locally to fight the impacts of a changing climate and to conserve rare ecotypes and species-at-risk” said Brad McNevin, Chief Administrative Officer for Quinte Conservation.

With the carbon revenues generated from this forestry project, Quinte Conservation intends to extend stewardship programs to other properties within the watershed that otherwise may be developed or managed for timber revenue.

“Anew has long been a pioneering leader in the North American nature-based carbon markets, and this project is further testament to our commitment to pursuing meaningful climate impact through partnerships with local landowners,” said Jonathan Smith, VP-Portfolio Management, Canada. “This is a significant milestone for Anew, Quinte, the North American carbon market, and the Canadian forestry sector. It demonstrates how carbon projects can drive meaningful positive change in forest management practices and ensure forest properties, which would otherwise have been timbered or developed, are instead maintained as sustainably managed forests for long periods of time.”

In 2021, ACR published the methodology for IFM on Canadian Forestlands to support conservation opportunities on eligible lands in Canada, including Indigenous lands and other private and public lands that can be legally harvested for timber, although not Crown lands.

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