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Driven by innovation and excellence

We hold a deep, personal knowledge of our nature-based projects; a growing portfolio of more than 120 forests and landscapes now conserved for the climate. Our team leverages their skillsets and the best available technology to ensure that each project creates near-term and lasting benefits for surrounding communities and our global climate system.

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The difference we bring to the forest

Anew analyzes each project from above and below the canopy to monitor tree growth and changes in biomass. We use the latest advancements in remote sensing combined with our onsite measurements to ensure utmost confidence in our forest carbon quantification.

Anew’s Epoch Evaluation Platform™

A dynamic world calls for dynamic project evaluation. A market first, Anew developed Epoch™ to combine the latest advancements in remote sensing, DMRV, artificial intelligence, and ground-based data collection to deliver unprecedented accuracy and substantiation in carbon credit quantification.

Breakthrough technology

Breakthrough technology

Anew utilizes high-resolution imagery in conjunction with machine learning and artificial intelligence models to achieve a new standard of accuracy in the assessment of biomass change and harvesting activities across the North American forest landscape.

Ongoing additionality evaluation

Ongoing additionality evaluation

Anew reviews each project’s performance and benefit to the climate on a recurring basis against the current economic, regulatory, and environmental realities of forest management in that region. Project parameters are adjusted as needed to ensure that credits delivered to the market account for the actual emission reductions achieved.

Data-driven modeling

Data-driven modeling

We know how trees grow in every North American ecoregion. Since our work began two decades ago, our team has inventoried over 1 million trees, by hand, to build our industry-leading forest dataset which enables us to accurately model and track project performance over time.

Ground-level accuracy

Ground-level accuracy

Permanently monumented inventory plots are established at the outset of a project and repeatedly measured throughout a project’s lifetime. Trees on each plot are identified by species and measured to nearest tenth of an inch in diameter and nearest foot in height. To enhance data richness and efficiency, Anew and its partners are piloting new, ground-based LiDAR inventory technology to create 3D forest models.

How we measure tree growth



Different species, different ecosystems and regions impact growth rates and their pace of carbon sequestration.



Tree width measured over time continues to inform us of the pace of growth in that climate.



Tree height measured over time continues to inform us of the pace of growth in that climate.

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We know our trees to their core

We have collected over 13,053 core samples from our trees to analyze the size of a tree at a certain age, and its broader story of its growth in that location and climate. Cores shed light on a host of important site variables such as the soil, the elevation, and the rainfall or drought over the tree’s lifetime. Cores are taken once at project initiation from a representative sample and do not harm the tree.

Commitment to best practices

We work with ACR, Climate Action Reserve (CAR), and VERRA, the market’s most trusted Registries to ensure that our project processes meet or exceed required, peer-reviewed carbon project development protocols, and that credits generated from our projects are tracked and listed publicly with unique serial numbers to ensure nothing is double counted.

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Forestry experience that counts






Nature-based projects

Partnerships to advance the market

We are dedicated to quality, accuracy, and ongoing innovation and look to magnify our impact through effective partnerships who share our mission for the climate.

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Collaborators and partners

American Carbon Registry

ICVCM Working Group

Anew is represented on the REDD+ and IFM multi-stakeholder working group convened by The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM).

ICVCM Working Group

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