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Applause to the U.S. Administration for its support of the Voluntary Carbon Markets

Published on May 30, 2024
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Josh Strauss
Josh Strauss
President, Environmental Products

The climate and humanity should meaningfully benefit from the U.S. Administration validating the need for and the impact of the voluntary carbon markets (VCM). Issued on May 29, the Voluntary Carbon Markets Joint Policy Statement and Principles underscores the critical role that high integrity carbon markets play in the collective challenge to decrease emissions, improve human health, and preserve ecosystems.

Here at Anew, we wholeheartedly support the principles outlined in the Joint Policy Statement. We are invigorated by the government’s commitment to environmental markets as an effective tool to help reduce pollution and limit global warming, the central tenants upon which Anew Climate was founded.

Throughout our 20+ years in environmental markets, Anew’s climate solutions have continued to evolve as innovative technologies become more advanced and available. This is especially relevant in relation to the Joint Policy Statement’s first principle: “Carbon credits and the activities that generate them should meet credible atmospheric integrity standards and represent real decarbonization.” 

Earlier this year, Anew announced a first-of-its-kind platform that is 100 percent aligned with this key principle. The Epoch Evaluation Platform™ provides an unprecedented level of data transparency and analytical rigor for nature-based forest carbon projects to significantly enhance credit integrity.

Simply put, the VCM Joint Policy Statement and Principles is a big deal. It provides a framework for forward progress, confidence, and paves the way for even more meaningful impact. We applaud the signatories and the many contributors to this foundational work. The Anew team looks forward to continuing our work delivering quantifiable, durable climate impact.

Every one of us needs to lean into all the solutions available to us–which includes the VCM–to make real progress toward bending the curve on climate change. Please reach out to learn more about how Anew can help you meet your climate goals.

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