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Climate impact is growing

Anew is leading North America’s transition to climate-smart farming practices as the only provider with a track record in managing aggregated carbon programs and successfully selling carbon credits at scale and premiums. We partner with a variety of enterprises to help you design, build and operate your agri carbon programs and help growers in your network realize new revenue through regenerative practices changes.


Paid for regenerative ag practice changes, creditable for carbon. 


Enables grower participation through program subscription. 


Program design and financing for partners, manages aggregations of growers, assumes long-term registry commitments.

Carbon market
Carbon market

Anew sells offsets and distributes proceeds; offers alternative structures to pay growers up-front, per acre. 

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Featured program

CarbonNOW partnership

As one example of Anew's integrated services, growers enrolled in Locus Agricultural Solutions' CarbonNOW program are enhancing their soil health, sequestering carbon, and getting paid for their contribution to the climate challenge.

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Creditable activities

Farmer holding plant roots showing growth
Soil carbon improvement

Increase soil organic carbon levels by activities such as switching to low- or no-till farming, planting cover crops, manure application, application of organic soil amendments and more.


Grazing cows in Colorado
Solutions for grazing lands

Avoid conversion of grasslands, convert degraded row crops to native grasslands, or adopt rotational grazing practices that minimize soil disturbance and volatilization of carbon in soil.


Seed treatment
Reduce nitrogen use

Reduce total nitrogen fertilizer usage or reduce the volatilization rate through variable application, controlled release nitrogen, or urease inhibitors.​


tractors parked
Reduce energy consumption

Implement changes that make a measurable reduction to total fuel or electricity consumption.​


Cows in paddock
Reduce methane from ruminant livestock

Utilize dietary supplements for livestock that demonstrate improvement in passage rate to reduce methane emitted and employ manure management systems.


close up view of grass in field
Alternate wetting and drying for rice

Alternate wetting and drying of rice fields to avoid methane emissions from the decay of biomass in anaerobic conditions.


Ensuring Climate Benefit

Highest integrity

We work with the highest integrity standards to ensure demonstrable climate benefits that we and our partners can stand behind over the long run.


Why work with Anew

  • We enable your carbon program and can align with your strategic objectives.
  • The only provider with proven ability to sell offsets in the US voluntary market at scale and at a premium.
  • A successful track record in developing and administering large-scale complex offset project aggregations.
  • Streamlined data capture platform with options for automation through our partnership with data partners.
  • We align our interests with yours and only get paid when the grower gets paid.
  • Anew assumes long-term commitments on behalf of growers and makes it as easy as possible for growers to participate.

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Agri Carbon Services

Program Design

Support in designing your carbon program

Structure Carbon Finance

Structure of carbon finance to offer growers the option of upfront per-acre payments

Project Development

Develop offset projects and support the operation of your carbon program

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales of carbon offsets


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