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With over 400 nature-based, landfill, renewable energy and industrial process emission reduction projects, including over 4 million acres of forestland and farms, our credit portfolio continues to create local change for global sustainability. We are your guide and can provide the right projects to meet your goals and preferences.

Sustainability Manager Series

Removals and Offsets in Net Zero and Carbon Neutrality Guidelines

We brought together a panel of experts to help you make sense of the role that emission reduction and removal credits can play in net zero and carbon neutrality guidelines.

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Improved Forest Management

The world's first registry distinguished carbon removal credits are available from tree growth in our forestry portfolio, as are conservation credits from the avoidance of aggressive harvests. 


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Blue carbon

The protection and restoration of coastal wetland forests, typically dominated by mangroves, salt marsh plants and seagrasses plays a critical role in carbon sequestration and climate adaptation.


Plastic waste

Hard to recycle plastics are getting a new life as composite timbers, displacing harvest demand for larger trees.


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Agri carbon

Carbon finance programs are enabling North American farmers to change to regenerative ag, and climate restorative, practices. 


refrigerant reclamation project
HFC reclaim & reduction

Carbon credits are funding programs to reclaim and reuse refrigerants from older products, displacing demand for new production. 


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Landfill gas

Fund the capture, diversion, and destruction of methane; a highly potent greenhouse gas formed by the anaerobic decomposition of organic wastes in landfills.


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Southeastern Kentucky

Featured: Boone Forestry Project

Southern Appalachia is one of the most diverse tree communities in the nation, thus providing habitat to an equally diverse variety of both plants and animals. The project lands are inhabited by deer, black bears, bats, a re-established elk herd, and many rare and threatened herbaceous plant species.

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We have developed over 400 carbon projects from North American forests to cookstoves in Kenya, and methane capture and destruction across multiple sectors and sources. We'll help you find the projects that meet your climate goals and co-benefit preferences. Connect with us today.



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