Carbon Credits

Verified, high-quality emission reductions and removals

Serving voluntary and compliance net-zero goals


Our team will guide you through current and upcoming opportunities across our nature-based, advanced industrial, agricultural, and renewable energy decarbonization portfolio. Every carbon tonne purchased incentivizes the development of new projects needed to achieve global climate targets.

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A global portfolio

For emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced, we can support offset purchases as part of your climate action strategy. We have developed over 400 carbon projects across multiple sectors and sources and can meet your geographic preferences and budgetary requirements.

Advancing nature-based solutions

Anew's Epoch™ Evaluation Platform combines the latest advancements in high-frequency satellite monitoring, AI, and ground-level data collection to yield previously unachievable levels of accuracy for credit generation and additionality substantiation.

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Ongoing additionality evaluation


Tonnes of emissions addressed




U.S. Carbon Credits Issued

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World's largest biogenic carbon removal project

Pre-purchase removals to advance Summit Carbon’s $8 billion infrastructure project to remove more than 160 million tonnes of waste biogenic CO2 emissions re-released during bioethanol production. Emissions will be safely and permanently sequestered deep underground in North Dakota.

Featured: White Mountains Forest Carbon Project

Changes in forest management, such as harvesting less and protecting trees into older growth stages creates meaningful, quantifiable carbon removal benefits. For landowners like Chocorua Forestlands, LLC, credits sold can also help to ensure that their forests are sustainably managed, by family hands, for generations to come.

Integrico Plastics

Plastic credits for waste reduction

Hard to recycle plastics are getting a new life as composite timbers, displacing harvest demand for larger trees. Plastic credits are available. Connect with our team to learn more.

Webinars for sustainability managers

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