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Electric Vehicle Credits

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Reduce the cost of fleet electrification, build in operational sustainability, and achieve ESG objectives through low carbon fuel and environmental crediting programs. Our services include registration, credit generation, REC matching/optimization, ongoing program compliance, and sales and marketing of EV credits across an established portfolio of buyers, along with strategic positioning in anticipation of e-RINs.


Optimizing Opportunity

Low carbon fuel transportation programs create revenue generating opportunities for EV manufacturers, owners and operators.  

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Electric Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs)
Electric Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs)

Reduce risk, expand revenue opportunities, and position for e-RINs with our experienced compliance team and direct relationships with obligated parties.

On/Off-road Electric Fleets
On/Off-road Electric Fleets

Our comprehensive solution is the easiest way to generate the most revenue from your current electric fleets while reducing scope 1 emissions. 

Charging Service Providers 
Charging Service Providers 

Offering turnkey and white label credit generation services for community choice aggregators, fleet management companies, and equipment dealers.

On the pulse of compliance

The Anew EV Advantage

Anew’s proven experience uniquely positions us to support our clients. We are the largest independent marketer of RINs under the EPA RFS program, the largest marketer of environmental credits in North America, and one of the largest LCFS generators under CA's LCFS program. As programs increase in complexity and variety, and long-awaited pathways like e-RINS become imminent, Anew's dedicated compliance team helps ensure maximum returns to our clients while avoiding regulatory risk.


Current and Emerging Markets

Regional Opportunities

Anew is active in current and emerging low carbon fuel programs, including California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program, and British Columbia’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. We closely monitor and advocate for state-level program expansion in support of client interests.


Anew Expansion for Clean Fuel Standard

LCF Compliance in British Columbia

Brightside, an Anew company, provides LCF credit generation, aggregation, and monetization services to its BC-based clients and is expanding its offering to customers seeking participation in Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard.

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EV Answered

Common Questions

Under low carbon fuel programs such as in California and Oregon, electric and hydrogen vehicles and equipment are eligible to generate low carbon fuel credits. The revenue from the sales of these credits can be used to offset the cost of ownership, and in most cases, results in a net profit for the fleet owner.

As an example of the climate benefit of these programs, once converted to renewable electricity, a typical EV city bus is projected to reduce carbon emissions by 1,250 MT per year, the equivalent of removing 270 gasoline powered vehicles from the road.

Electric light duty vehicles, eTrucks, eTRUs, RNG/EV buses, eForklifts, and EV charging infrastructure are among the eligible equipment and vehicle types to generate low carbon fuel credits.

An electric forklift can earn on average $2K per year when powered by low carbon fuel. Electric delivery vans and trucks can earn $5K and an electric heavy-duty vehicle can earn $30K on average per year.