Technical Climate Solutions

Leveraging innovative technologies to reduce and remove emissions

Reducing industrial emissions through environmental commodities and carbon markets.

In partnership with landfill operators, carbon capture and storage participants, biochar producers, renewable and conventional energy suppliers and more, Anew is creating climate impact across industries. Unparalleled experience transacting in environmental markets, coupled with a diverse portfolio, brings maximum value and experience to your valuable environmental attributes and emission reduction and removal opportunities.

Refrigeration Roof System

Maximizing climate impact and asset revenue

Anew brings decades of experience managing a wide array of project types under all the major compliance and voluntary standards in North America. We specialize in helping you generate a new source of revenue from innovative technology and process improvements whether you are a single project source or part of an aggregation. Our efficient, tailored process will help you generate the greatest value and climate benefit from your assets.

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U.S. Carbon Credits Issued


Project types

Measurable climate benefit

To participate in a project there must be an opportunity, enabled by carbon finance, to reduce emissions through climate conscious operations and asset management. Our team will help you understand your options and what program engagement entails.

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Three steps to project success

discovery & evaluation

discovery & evaluation

Our team will assess your project's viability and credit development potential, at no cost to you. 



Anew manages all logistics, costs, data collection, and third-party verification to generate marketable credits for your project.

marketing and sales

marketing and sales

The size and diversity of our carbon credit portfolio is unmatched, as is our team’s expertise in ensuring your project's profitability.

Landfill Gas Vent

Waste decarbonization

If you are a facility or service that processes or collects high amounts of organic wastes, we can help you turn that into new revenue. Diverting landfill-destined waste has a significant and monetizeable opportunity to reduce atmospheric carbon emissions. At Anew, we have the experience across technologies and the carbon market to help you take advantage of existing pathways or be at the forefront of something new.


Carbon Capture & Storage

If you are an emitter, capture technology provider, CO2 transportation provider, or a holistic CCS project developer—we can help you design a bespoke CCS program to realize value from the resulting environmental attributes. CO2 may be captured from biomass combustion, ethanol fermentation, or post-combustion of fossil fuels, or used alongside bio-energy systems (BECCS). Our expertise minimizes operational burden and redundancy, allowing you to generate value through stackable systems such as carbon markets and tax incentives specific to CCS.

Refrigeration Aisle and Grocery Cart

Advanced refrigeration and HFCs

In Canada, the protocol for “Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Refrigeration Systems” now allows companies to receive carbon credits from the installation of low-GWP refrigeration systems which have occurred after January 1, 2017. Additionally, emission reductions can be monetized through advanced foam blowing agents and HFC reclamation and substitution.

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Spotlight: Anew program enabled 85% reduction in vented methane emissions

From 2017 to 2022, Anew financed a program to retrofit over 12,000 pneumatic devices across Alberta's oil and gas sector. In partnership with Spartan Controls, Lukla, Drakken, and numerous instrumentation providers, the program provided low or no-venting controllers to 35 different companies at no cost, reducing methane venting by 85% on average. Anew managed all logistics, costs, and data collection to generate carbon offset credits. As a result of this program, over 2,592,000 tonnes of emissions were avoided, and it remains to be one of the largest aggregated projects in North America.

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