24/7 RECs: Time-of-day Dispatch & Carbon Implications for Renewable Energy Procurement

Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022   |   1:00 PM EDT
renewable energy
Scope 2

Voluntary renewable energy markets have grown as corporates try to address their Scope 2 emissions. However, the amount of carbon displaced by renewable energy generation on the electrical grid varies widely depending on location and time of day. In general, there are two ways to account for the carbon displaced by renewable energy – using an annual, regional marginal grid emissions factor or the more temporally and geographically precise marginal emissions data.  

Efforts are underway to improve the quantification of the carbon displaced by renewable energy and provide more informative and instructive corporate accounting as renewable energy procurement options expand. However, this accounting is complicated and nuanced.  

Join us for a background on this emerging topic and a lively discussion of the how and why behind this new initiative.

Caroline Gentry
Sr. Director, Wholesale & Trading
Ben Gerber
President & CEO
Todd Jones
Director of Policy
Center for Resource Solutions
Killian Daly
General Manager
Andrew Dornier
Manager, Fuel Supply
David Younan-Montgomery
Partnerships Manager
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