Purchasing Offsets as CEQA Mitigation

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023 | 1:00 PM EST
California Environmental Quality Act
Carbon Offsets
carbon credits

When the GHG emissions associated with new land use development projects are determined to be a significant impact, CEQA requires these emissions be mitigated, which can sometimes be achieved by the purchase and retirement of carbon offsets. Join Anew for a webinar that combines legal, consulting, and offset expertise to gain a more comprehensive understanding about the role of offsets in CEQA, best practices when using offsets as GHG mitigation, offset eligibility, demand, supply, and experience to date. 


John McDougal
Vice President of Environmental Products
Brian Schuster
Director, Air Quality, Climate, and Acoustics
Environmental Science Associates
Linda Klein
Cox, Castle, & Nicolson
Michael Keinath
Principal and Air Quality Service Line Leader
Kirsten Gorguinpour
Vice President
Programs at the Climate Action Reserve
Jennifer Reed
Air Quality Services Manager
J. Austin Kerr
Air Quality & Greenhouse Gas Analyst
Governor's Office of Planning & Research
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