Bluesource Sustainable Forests Company

Managing former timberlands for the climate

A first in the U.S. timber industry, Bluesource Sustainable Forests Company (BSFC) is the largest private forestland owner focused entirely on climate mitigation. At present, 1.8 million acres with a history of industrial timber extraction are now under management for long-term carbon sequestration, climate adaptation, and restoration of biodiversity. BSFC is a joint venture between Anew Climate, LLC and an equity investment consortium led by Oak Hill Advisors, L.P.

A new future for North American forestland

1.8 million acres and growing. From Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to New York’s Adirondacks, down through Appalachia to Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin, and over to the Apalachicola River in Florida, softwood pines and mixed hardwood forests are now being returned to a more natural state.

BSFC forest management priorities

carbon capacity
carbon capacity

Every property is closely reviewed for carbon potential, and set on a new path to maximize that potential. enabled by carbon finance, opportunity to changing revenue model. 


Biodiverse forests are healthier forests. Each property is managed to reintroduce and enhance the species that nature intended for that region. This bolsters the forests’ natural defenses against disasters such as fire or disease.

wood products
wood products

Selective harvests remain significantly below annual tree growth levels, but produce high value timber products and support local economies when they occur.

Industry change from carbon market momentum

Participation in carbon offset markets has enabled BSFC's carbon-first approach after decades of timber revenue sought by previous owners. BSFC is the first company to embody this business structure; a necessary evolution in order for the industry to fully contribute to its vital role in the climate. Ground-level credit opportunities are available through Anew, both for conservation (the initial avoidance of industrial harvests), as well as expected removals (carbon sequestered from tree growth) resulting from BSFC management practices.

Protecting habitat across the eastern U.S.


Miles of streams


Species of trees protected


Species of birds

Jamie Houston

As we walk our lands, we can feel the difference we are going to make for our forests and for our climate. These trees, once assessed for their value in 10, 20 years, are now being looked at for their value in 40, 60, 100 years. This is tangible change for our health and future for all. We’re honored and humbled at the opportunity before us, and we hope others will follow suit.

—Jamie Houston, CEO, BSFC

Featured property: Manistique

An important migratory stopover for the sand crane, with abundant milkweed to support pollinators, this forestland in Michigan’s upper peninsula can now provide a more stable, critical habitat for numerous species. Intensifying development and harvests have changed the region’s landscape in recent decades, and years of industrial timber management have taken place within the property’s boundaries. Under BSFC ownership, these forests across 29,000-acres will now be protected from aggressive harvest and instead maintained to maximize carbon sequestration through long-term tree growth. BSFC will ensure that the land will remain open for public recreational access and sustainably managed for the benefit of people and wildlife alike.

Improved Forest Management explained

A sharable guide to nature-based project development for landowners, what to expect, and the opportunity for climate impact.