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Climate and carbon market expertise with Anew representatives and industry professionals.

Oct. 4, 2023
2:00 PM EDT
Making an Impact with Renewable Fuels Purchases

This webinar, hosted by Center for Resource Solutions, will explore the ways companies can navigate the complicated renewable fuels marketplace to achieve greater climate impact by choosing Green-e® certified options. With case study examples of recent transactions from Anew Climate, the first Green-e® certified biomethane (also known as renewable natural gas, or RNG) marketer; insights from the leading industry association, the Renewable Natural Gas Coalition; and market health and growth indicators from the Renewable Thermal Collaborative, this session will help answer your questions and provide a window into the market for voluntary purchases of RNG, including the included environmental attributes and associated renewable fuel certificates (RFCs) associated with each dekatherm of RNG.

Blaine Collison
Executive Director
Renewable Thermal Collaborative
Randy Lack
Head of Portfolio Management
Anew Climate
Sam Lehr
Policy Manager
Renewable Natural Gas Coalition
Michelle McGinty
Senior Manager, Outreach
Center for Resource Solutions
Key Topics
Renewable Natural Gas

Nov. 7, 2023
1:00 PM EST
Autumn Buyers Webinar

We invite current and interested buyers to join this preview of our latest project opportunities at Anew. Participants will receive a firsthand look at new and upcoming credit issuances across our portfolio of nature-based and technical projects across industries. Time will be reserved within the hour for Q&A.

Please note that registration is required and attendance is limited to those with an ability to make a purchase. Our team may reach out to request more information to confirm. 

We are available for your questions at

Abby Aasen
Voluntary Products
Anew Climate
Key Topics
carbon credits

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