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Anew Announces 2021 Near-term Net Zero Achievement

Published on September 21, 2022 | Houston, TX

In celebration of Climate Week 2022, Anew announced today the achievement of its near-term net zero emissions goal for 2021 and its excitement to continue addressing its impact in the future.  Achieving near-term net zero is part of Anew’s long range objective of reducing the company’s own Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions to the greatest extent possible and compensating for the remaining emissions with third-party verified environmental products. This year’s offset retirements were made following a footprint calculation exercise that quantified the emissions associated with the Company’s 2021 operations. 

As verified, science-backed certificates of emission reductions or removals, carbon offsets represent just one piece of what is needed to support a livable planet for future generations. Anew supports a multi-pronged approach to decarbonization that includes renewable energy and low carbon fuels, energy and resource conservation, and other policies and products that help minimize organizational footprints, and makes these solutions available to clients seeking trusted, actionable pathways to meeting their climate goals. 

With over 150 climate-focused professionals on staff, turning beliefs into action is a core aspect of Anew’s culture and mission. As a growing organization, Anew seeks out opportunities for sustainability and efficiency within its purchasing and office operations and maintains well-established programs to reduce travel- and commute-related emissions. The Company also deploys capital in service of the climate via project investments that directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as through forestry, clean and renewable fuels, and data systems to improve emissions monitoring. 

Anew helps companies understand their footprint, create strategies for reducing emissions, and access low carbon solutions that can be deployed today, including through its recently introduced Climate as a Service offering. The company has addressed over 180 million tonnes of verified greenhouse gas emissions through the projects that it manages or represents and has displaced over 240 million diesel gallon equivalents through the renewable natural gas that it has brought into the U.S. transportation market. Its portfolio encompasses over 400 emission reducing projects, including over 4 million acres of forests and farmland. 

Emerging from the February 2022 combination of Element Markets and Bluesource, Anew, a TPG Rise portfolio company, is a leading climate solutions provider to a broad range of public and private organizations. As part of Climate Week 2022, Anew is a Gold Sponsor of IETA’s North America Climate Summit in New York City, where company representatives will be present and available for meetings.  To get in touch, email

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