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Anew Acquires BrightSide Solutions

Houston, TX · Salt Lake City, UT · Vancouver, BC | June 30, 2022


(June 30, 2022) Houston, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Vancouver, BC:  Anew Climate, LLC (“Anew”), the integrated organization resulting from the combination of the companies formerly known as Element Markets and Bluesource, has acquired BrightSide Solutions Inc. (“BrightSide”), the leading compliance partner to fuel suppliers under British Columbia’s Low Carbon Fuel (LCF) program.  Brightside provides LCF credit generation, aggregation, and monetization services to its BC-based clients and, with Anew’s investment, will expand its offering and reach to include customers seeking participation in Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard.  

Founded and led by Mark Grist, BrightSide leverages decades of experience in upstream oil and gas, clean tech, and clean energy, including renewable natural gas, renewable electricity, hydrogen, and other low carbon fuels.  Since its establishment in 2017, BrightSide has been a trusted partner to low carbon fuel suppliers and consumers, helping clients comply with LCF regulations and identify opportunities to generate and monetize LCF credits at peak values.  BrightSide clients range from start-ups to market leaders and generate LCF credits from a variety of low-carbon fuels. With its strategic investment in BrightSide, Anew is expanding its portfolio of climate-focused products and services with even greater regional depth and expertise.

“Anew’s acquisition of BrightSide allows us to increase the scope of products and services we can provide our clients and, by extension, enables their participation in Canada’s forthcoming Clean Fuel Standard,” said Mark Grist, President of BrightSide Solutions. “BrightSide and Anew share a commitment to top tier customer service, clean fuels, and market-based solutions.  I am excited to build BrightSide into a national LCF service provider and be able to facilitate access to a broad scope of decarbonization solutions as part of the Anew organization.”  

Anew is a leader in virtually all aspects of climate mitigation with best-in-class product and service offerings, including deep experience leveraging the full benefit of low carbon fuel programs on behalf of its clients. In conjunction with its recent rebrand, Anew introduced Climate as a Service (“CaaS”), which will allow organizations to align their goals for climate impact with actionable next steps. CaaS provides stakeholders access to a comprehensive portfolio of carbon reduction solutions including advisory services, carbon credits generated by nature-based solutions and other greenhouse gas reducing projects, renewable natural gas (RNG), renewable energy credits, electric vehicle credits, emission reduction credits, and capital formation and deployment strategies.

“At Anew, our work is guided by four core values: integrity, trust, creativity, and hope. We see a common embodiment of those values with Mark’s leadership of BrightSide and his company’s service to its clients,” said Angela Schwarz, CEO of Anew. “Mark will continue as the President of BrightSide and we look forward to what we can accomplish together as low carbon fuel programs continue to grow in scale and importance.”    


About BrightSide Solutions

BrightSide enables its customers to generate revenues from Provincial and Federal Low Carbon Fuel programs in Canada.  These revenues help customers produce, market, and consume low carbon fuels and to reduce carbon emissions from their business activities.  The company has offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Calgary, Alberta, and will soon establish a presence in Toronto and Montreal.  Learn more at www.brightsidesolutions.ca.


Alison Greene

Director, Marketing & Communications

About Anew

Anew Climate, LLC (“Anew”) is accelerating the fight against climate change by enabling companies and organizations to align their goals for conservation and impact with actionable next steps. With a comprehensive solutions portfolio that includes advisory services, carbon credits, renewable natural gas, renewable energy certificates, EV credits, plastic credits, and emission reduction credits, we lower barriers to participation in environmental markets for clients across the private and public sectors. As a leading marketer and originator of environmental products, we bring together strategic finance, regulatory expertise, scientific knowledge, and impact focus to make it possible for businesses to thrive while building a sustainable future. Anew is majority owned by TPG Rise, TPG’s global impact investing platform, and emerged from the February 2022 combination of durational industry leaders Element Markets, LLC and Blue Source, LLC. The company has offices in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and an environmental commodities portfolio that extends across five continents. 


Jeanethe Falvey

Sr. Director, Marketing & Communications


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