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Anew Selected as LCFS Partner for U.S. Navy, Port of San Diego Initiative

Published on September 20, 2022 | Houston, TX

Anew Climate, LLC (“Anew” or “the Company”) has been selected as the exclusive California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) service provider to the Port of San Diego in its groundbreaking partnership with the U.S. Navy. The joint Port/Navy initiative, as described in a media event held earlier in the day at Cesar Chavez Park Pier in San Diego that included Navy and Port officials and other state and local partners, will support electrification project development around San Diego Bay. Funding for these projects will be partially sourced from the generation and sale of LCFS credits as facilitated by Anew and will lead to both local air quality benefits and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Navy and Port of San Diego at Cesar Chavez Park


Anew, a leading provider of climate solutions to public and private organizations, has worked as the Port of San Diego’s generator and marketer of LCFS credits since April 2019. Anew has an established record of success supporting client participation in the California LCFS program, which allows electric vehicles and equipment, as well as shore power to ocean-going vessels at berth, to generate low carbon fuel credits. Through its ongoing support to the Port of San Diego, Anew will generate and monetize the LCFS crediting opportunities associated with the local activities of the U.S. Navy. LCFS credit sales will provide essential funding towards electrification projects benefiting the local community and broader region. In parallel to the Navy agreement, the Port of San Diego and Anew are extending their agreement through 2030.

“We are honored to be a steward of this groundbreaking initiative between the U.S. Navy and Port of San Diego,” said Angela Schwarz, CEO of Anew.  “We look forward to a partnership that will allow all stakeholders to fully realize the benefits of LCFS program participation, including cleaner air, climate impact, and additional resources for electrification projects.”

The Port of San Diego manages 34 miles of the San Diego Bay waterfront. It was the first California port to enter the LCFS market in 2019 and has since partnered with multiple businesses including ship repair facilities and cargo carriers, helping to transition to electric cargo handling equipment, fleet vehicles, shore power, and more in alignment with the Port’s Clean Air Plan, its Climate Action Plan, and its Maritime Clean Air Strategy, as well as with California Air Resources Board regulations.

“Working with Anew has been a good experience for the Port,” said Job Nelson, Port of San Diego Vice President, Strategy & Policy. “The funds from the LCFS program have helped the Port pay for new shore power at our cruise terminals, new yard tractors at our Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal, and the first two all-electric pickup trucks in the Port’s fleet.”

Anew has been active in California’s LCFS program since inception, providing full-cycle support for all aspects of program compliance and allowing participants to optimize credit-generating opportunities while reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels. With an industry-leading track record of new pathways under the LCFS program, Anew has become a leader in credit generation from biogas, electric, compressed natural gas, and hydrogen pathways.  

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